7 Tips From The Accounting World On How To Boost Your Productivity

Accountants know better than anyone that a productive work week means a net gain when it comes to profit, both for the business and the employee. But even so, many accountants find themselves overwhelmed with tasks and continuously feeling like their productivity is suffering–essentially creating more work for less pay, when you get down to it.

But there are proven tips and tricks that can increase the productivity of your accounting team, leaving them (and your business) performing better and feeling better with their workload. Whether you use these tips for yourself or share them with the team, here are some of the best ways to boost productivity in the workplace. 

No Multitasking!

When you work on a task, make that task your only task until it’s done. Multitasking can feel like you’re getting a lot of work done at once, but it ultimately acts as a distraction. You’ll have a difficult time finding a flow, and work can move at a snail’s pace. By the end of the work day, you’ll have spent a lot of time and energy just to end up with several half-finished tasks.

When you focus on a single task, though, you can ensure that it has your full attention. This helps you do your task completely in less time, and ensures you do it well. So unless you get an urgent message from your manager saying “Drop EVERYTHING and get this done,” work on each task independently until they’re completed, and you’ll find your productivity skyrockets.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of taking on every project thrown your way and refusing to tap anyone else to take on some of your load. It’s a common problem in the workplace; after all, it can feel like you have to complete all the tasks given to you to prove yourself as a competent employee. But trust us, nothing makes a more competent employee than one who’s able to delegate.

In the future, choose a few people in your department who you can tap for help on a project. Let them know that they can refuse, but more often than not, your fellow workers are there to help lighten the load. So don’t be afraid to share.


This feeds into the “no multitasking” point earlier. If you have so many tasks you can’t keep track of what needs doing, then taking some time to prioritize can keep you from feeling frazzled and, in turn, improve your productivity.

Take a few minutes at the start of each day to look at the tasks you need to accomplish. Arrange them into a list of “most urgent” to “least urgent”, then another list from “most important” to “least important”. Based on those two lists, you’ll be able to map out a plan for your week that will allow you to dedicate yourself to the projects that need doing and finishing them instead of half-finishing every task on your plate.

Automate Where You Can

Whether it’s automatic routing for phone calls or AI-based chatbot, automating certain processes can free up every employee’s time. It may be time to upgrade to a new, cloud-based solution for emails, phones, and more. 

Not only will this free up your teams’ time, but it’ll help them be more productive by lightening their loads. Plus, with some options, you’ll be able to track productivity as well, so you can be aware of how you and your team are performing.

Take Breaks

Don’t work at your desk through lunch; it’s not actually helping you. Breaks–actual breaks, where you leave your desk instead of scrolling through the Facebook tab you have open–are actually proven to help with productivity. By setting up designated break times, it’s easier to work through your allotted work times. And, after you take a walk, grab a coffee, or chat with colleagues, you’ll feel rejuvenated enough to get back to work.

Make Use Of The Calendar

How often do you actually look at the company calendar outside of requesting days off? Instead, consider using the time blocking technique for your tasks. By having a dedicated time for uninterrupted work, meetings, and breaks, you can have a visual reminder of how to use your time wisely and build a routine specifically made for your work style to boost creativity.

Learn New Things

One of the biggest enemies of productivity is monotony. By doing the same thing day in and day out, employees can get majorly burnt out and struggle to do their work because of it. So, if you want your accounting team to be performing at its very best, be sure to schedule time to learn. Whether that’s mandated seminars you have everyone take part in or an hour of learning time allotted each week, offering something different than the usual rote work day can engage the mind, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. It’s a bit like a grown-up field trip.

Plus, you get the bonus of being up to date on new processes and methods. It’s a great way to ensure your team is well-rounded and on the cutting edge of your industry.

It’s easy for everyone to get in productivity ruts, even accountants. You don’t want to waste precious time (and money) to feel like nothing’s gotten done through the work day. But by using these tips and tricks, you can improve productivity, which ultimately will leave everyone on your accounting team less stressed and with more tasks done–and done well. Start implementing these tips today, and look forward to a better work environment overall.