Getting Things Done - How to Achieve Stress-free Productivity

Some people get very stressed out about the idea of being productive or just by thinking that they have things to do. When the list of things to do piles up, it can be quite stressful, which is why a lot of people might choose to procrastinate and leave things for later. However, when someone is productive, there is no reason why that should involve stress. By doing things in the right way people can achieve stress-free productivity and actually get things done in a timely manner; it is all a matter of how you decide to organize yourself and achieve tasks.

For that same reason, this guide can help you achieve getting your tasks done without suffering from stress or anxiety.

Step 1: Organize

If there is no organization, there will surely be stress. if you have a lot of things to get done, organizing them according to Priority can be quite effective into getting them done without getting stressed over them. Once you’re able to clarify which task is more important than the other, then you’re able to complete them one at a time without having them piled together.Don’t just organize the tasks according to their priority, but also set times and dates specific for each one of them. Whenever you are able to organize a specific time to complete something, you’re able to do it with far more freedom and less stress.

Step 2: Write It Down

Another big part of getting things done is having complete control of everything that you have to accomplish. sometimes people get stressed or flustered because they believe that they are going to forget everything that they need to do. How do you list all your tasks is essential, not only because you are going to feel more productive writing everything down, but you will definitely decrease your stress levels  given that you would have everything written down. Bullet Journals are really popular because they allow you to customize the way you document chores, ideas, and anything else.

Step 3:Follow the 15-Minute Rule

A great tip to avoid getting flustered or stress overdoing something is by following the 15-minute rule. What this means is working on a task completely focused for 15 minutes straight, and after that take a 10 to 15-minute break. This will allow you to continue working in your most productive manner, without saturating your brain with one task. Try it out and notice how taking necessary breaks can help your productivity flow.