Industry Influencers Reveal Their Top 3 Networking Tips

Networking is extremely important when it comes to business. It is after all the gateway to making important connections that you might use later on in the future. You never know when you might need a connection in order to grow in business, or get to where you want to be in the future. While some people don’t really care for networking, it is truly one of the top business strategies in the industry. For this exact reason, it is often good to follow someone else’s advice when it comes to networking, given that some of the top influencers in the industry have the best tips when it comes to making important connections. While some people might be great at socializing, others could use some tips and tricks in order to become better at this. After all, it is not all about socializing and making friends, behind this is the importance of making a connection in society that can give you an advantage someday.

In this age, being successful in business also means having successful connections and exceeding in the networking part. For this reason, people need to constantly be prospecting new moves and new connections in order to have people to rely on and to break into the industry. In order to become better at networking, here are some of the best tips from industry influencers in order to help you.

1. Social Interaction to Face to Face Meeting

This tip was given by Jack Kosakowski, Global Head of Social Sales at Creation Agency. He usually attempts to start networking and making connections at first through the internet. He uses social media to get to know people and reach them in an easier manner. Once they are reached and interacted with, then he plans an in-person meeting. This improves the relationship that you were trying to create, and demonstrates people your genuine interest, and also it cultivates the relationship so that it becomes real and tangible.

2. Authenticity is your best ally

Max Altschuler, CEO of SalesHacker has expressed his  disappointment in the industry after meeting a couple of people that were only trying to build a relationship with him because of his position and he felt that people surrounding him weren’t real. Authenticity is the best way to cultivate a networking relationship. You want people to truly see you for who you are, and the intentions behind what you do.

3. Connecting Requires a Genuine Interest

Deb Calvert, Founder of People First Productivity Solutions, is one of the top 50 influencers to recognize the genuine interest of someone when it comes to your work, whereas some shallow influencers just care about connecting for convenience. One of his most important tips is showing true and genuine interest in another person’s job. Authenticity goes a long way, and truly, someone that interacts with you for convenience is not someone you want o to involve yourself with.