Steps To Your Future: What To Include and What To Leave Out of Your CV

A good CV can be the gateway to a great job. After all, a lot of recruiters start off by checking your CV and a lot of them guide themselves solemnly through it, in order to see if they want to meet you or follow up with you , they simply don’t see why they should give you an opportunity. Knowing what to add in your CV and what to take out, is always key in knowing your way around the business. Aside from that, having a clear and concise presentation of it is important, given that you want to stand out from the rest.

What To Leave Out From Your Resume

1. Keep It Professional

This is not a place to goof around, it is a serious thing you should hand in. Therefore don’t share anything that you don’t consider professional. Stick to the basis and only leave what is appealing to the interviewer and the company you are interviewing for. If you need help writing a professional, stand-out CV, work with the experts at PurpleCV to refine it, along with your cover letter, portfolio and LinkedIn profile.

2. Skip the Hobbies and Interests

While sometimes this might be relevant, skip them as they only fill out the page even more and you want the person reviewing your CV to strictly direct their attention to what’s important. Leave the hobbies and interests to the face-to-face interview, however, take them out of your CV as they might be considered unnecessary.

3. Don’t Include A Job You Ended Badly

You never know when someone might ask for references and therefore, don’t include anything you are not proud of. If you got fired from a job or ended on bad terms with someone leave this information out as you don’t want the new company finding out.