Career Tips: Comfort Zone vs Success

Success in one’s career can depend on a lot of factors. Often people that are successful are those that take risks and decide to leave their comfort zone because they know that they can achieve greater things by leaving the place where they are comfortable and searching for something more challenging. There is a famous expression that talks about how your comfort zone is inhibiting your success, which basically means that the only thing drawing you back from your successful self, is your inability to leave your comfort zone. 

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

While stepping out of your comfort zone is not an easy task, for some people this will be the best decision that they will make in their lives and in their career. For some people, it is a very uncomfortable step to take, when they need to leave their safe zone in order to find adventure and search for possibilities. And there is truly no best way to do it, but simply by taking that step blindingly and trusting that it is the best for your life. For instance, if you are trapped in a job that you don’t like but you refuse to leave it because you are comfortable in it and you might be scared of not finding anything else, then you are truly trapped in your comfort zone. By not leaving it, you don’t give yourself the opportunity to see if there is something better out there for you, and if there is, it won’t find you because you won’t leave your commodity.

Success vs Comfort

These are both very different things. A person that is comfortable isn’t looking into challenging themselves or searching for ways to improve, instead, they are comfortable where they are and they refuse to move or to make any extra changes because they don’t want anything else that will take their commodity away. Whereas those that search for success are constantly looking for changes, ways to challenge themselves, they leave the place where they are in because they seek for adventure, among other things. That is the main difference between someone that is comfortable vs someone that looks for success.

Self-limiting beliefs

One of the main reasons why people don’t leave their comfort zones often is because they have self-limiting beliefs, where they don’t trust themselves to be good enough in order to be successful. Some people get a constant negative image in their head that prevents them from leaving their comfort zone, which will keep them away from their success. No matter in what position you are in, people that believe in themselves can always be better than where they are in at the moment.